Why Brokers?


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We are glad you are using the best source for commercial capital on the internet. You may have noticed that we encourage you to work with a broker as you utilize our site. This is not a mistake!


You may be surprised to know that there is much more to commercial capital than just a business loan. With over 100 products, 200 lenders, and 10,000 different funding scenarios, the landscape of commercial capital is huge. We have found that many business owners or those seeking capital for commercial purposes are not aware of the many options they have or how to work with commercial lenders and their lending requirements. Some business owners are not even aware of the various products they may qualify for.


Did you know that you can sell equipment for working capital and lease it back or that you can sell invoices that have not been paid yet for capital? Did you know that you can build commercial real estate deals with multiple lenders? Were you aware you can leverage inventory, purchase orders, equipment, real estate, and various other assets as collateral? Commercial capital is more than just loans and lines of credit. Many products would benefit a business’s balance sheet much more than the typical products you would find at a bank.


Don’t worry! We have experts in the field of commercial capital. We will help match you with a broker who can help you navigate the various options and products you have at your disposal, and they can articulate the value each product can bring to your business.


Brokers are motivated to help you find the right source of capital and they have access to every lender on our platform to make an informed decision. The best part is that you do not pay them anything for their services. The lender pays them as a referral partner and this information is all made transparent to you upfront. Your broker will take a consultative approach to your needs. Your broker will not only be a trusted advocate for your business in your current search, but also in the future.


At Capital SearchEngine.com we believe Brokers Do It Better!