Michael Hobbs Buoy Capital LLC

Buoy Capital LLC

Michael Hobbs

Location: Plano, Texas

Broker Bio

Michael is a business development professional with an entrepreneurial bent. Prior to becoming Managing Member of Buoy Capital, he co-owned and operated an apparel manufacturing company, a Professional Employer Organization and a software development/IT consulting firm. In these roles, he took out just about every kind of business loan imaginable, so he is well positioned to work with business owners to help position and quality them for the working capital loan best suited to their needs.

Company Overview

Michael is Managing Member of Buoy Capital. Buoy provides business development and IT program management services to a range of organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. Buoy has been active in commercial real estate lending since 2016 and has recently branched out into business loan brokerage, specializing in working capital term loans and lines of credit. Buoy has relationships with a myriad of lenders, from Preferred SBA to Fintech, and is able to source flexible arrangements such as principal deferring flex loans and interest only structures.