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Capital Search Engine

We are an industry-leading platform that facilitates the broker-lender relationship, we help business owners navigate the commercial lending process, and we provide products and services to the commercial capital industry. CapitalSearchEngine.com is a prominent player in the commercial capital industry, known for its expertise in connecting borrowers with the right lenders. With access to over 100+ lenders, the platform can efficiently match borrowers with financing options that suit their specific needs. In addition, potential borrowers are paired with a commercial capital broker who provides expert guidance throughout the underwriting process, ensuring that borrowers make informed decisions.

Ross Capital Funding Group, Inc.

CapitalSearchEngine.com is wholly owned by Ross Capital Funding Group Inc; a distinguished private holding company headquartered in the United States. Our expertise lies in providing highly specialized services and solutions for residential and commercial capital, real estate, and mortgage transactions, as well as in residential and commercial real estate development. Partnering with us provides access to an elevated team of seasoned professionals who possess unparalleled industry knowledge and resources essential for achieving business objectives.